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Shingle Roof

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

If you want durable roofing for less money, an asphalt shingle roof is a do-it-all solution. Technology has made this material much tougher and longer-lasting in recent years, and the choices in colors and styles are amazing. They are easy to install, repair and replace. Call now for an experienced shingle roofing contractor.

Also known as composition roofs, they are basically made of organic or fiberglass mats, a watertight asphalt layer, and a top coating of mineral granules. The mineral coating reflects the sun's energy and gives the shingles their color.

Three-tab shingle roof - This popular choice combines three scalloped sections into single sheets that are fastened to the roof in overlapping layers. This design covers a large area quickly, so it's easy to install in a day or two. They usually last for 20 years or more.

Architectural shingle roof - These are thicker, more densely layered and often laminated. This adds a high-end, dimensional look as well as extra protection. Available in a wide assortment of colors, they can also be made to look like tile, shake and slate for a small portion of the price. These designer shingles are usually warrantied for 50 years and can last even longer.

Special roof coatings - Some types are treated to resist algae growth - a common problem in Florida. Others are designed to resist the sun’s energy. They are, in fact, Energy Star rated and they do not even have to be white to offer you benefits. Save up to 15 percent on your cooling bills and take advantage of FPL credits.

Top Name Products
We carry shingle roof products by leading manufacturers and every roof installation is carried out according to warranty standards. In addition, we have our own labor warranty. Because we are a licensed, insured, local company, we are available to do any work you might need quickly. We want to be there for you now and in the future.

Protection in All Weather
When the next big storm is looming off the Atlantic, you will be ready when your shingle roof is installed by our highly skilled technicians. We know the Miami-Dade county building codes for high-velocity wind areas, and install every roof to the nation’s highest standards. This level of technical excellence prevents wind from lifting the tabs and rain from getting under edges.

Our installations are designed to help your surface resist winds of up to 150 mph. They are also Class A fire rated by Underwriters Laboratories.

Shingle Roof Repair Miami

No surface is completely immune to damage, especially after a violent storm or over a long period of time. Hail and wind-driven debris can shear the protective granules off the shingles, allowing ultraviolet light to weaken the asphalt and fiberglass layers. If your original rooftop was not installed properly, nails can pop out or rust, leading to leaks and building damage. When metal flashings around edges loosen, water could get underneath. Ventilation and insulation are also important for preventing hot spots and condensation.

These are all vital considerations when we come to repair your shingle roof. We will make sure all parts of the system are in perfect working order and able to stand up to the elements. Start with our free, written estimate. The final decision is always left up to you.

Shingle Roof Replacement Miami

When repairs are not enough, we can offer you a high quality new roof at very competitive prices. It takes just a day, in most cases, to tear off and install your new system. If water has damaged more than a quarter of your surface, or if you have weathered major storm damage, talk to us about replacement.

Replace Shingle Roof Miami

New Roof
We also perform installations on new construction and home additions. With so many selections in color and shape, you can find the perfect compliment to your home colors and architectural style, as well as roofing that blends with almost any existing shingles you may have. However, we recommend an entirely new installation for the surest fit and color matching results.

Whether you need, repair, replacement or a whole new look, shingles offer you cost savings. We offer you top quality workmanship that will make it last whatever the type you choose.

Call now for a shingle roofing in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all nearby cities.

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