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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Miami

We are a residential roof replacement contractor who can take the stress and uncertainty out of adding a new roof. Whether it is tile, shingle or metal, a well-applied surface offers you decades of weather protection and beauty. Turn to us for fast, first-quality work at great prices. Request a free estimate today.

Most homeowners consider roof replacement when they’ve experienced leaks, the effects of aging or simply want a new look for their home. No matter what you’re looking for or why, we deliver with top quality materials and fine workmanship.

Roofing Leaks
When every rainstorm means hauling out pots and pans to catch drips, you know it's time for roof replacement. Leaks are always a signal of a bigger problem to come, from rotting of your building materials to mold and insect infestations. We can solve your problems quickly. We'll strip your rooftop down to the trusses if needed, rebuild the decking, add a new underlayment, secure or replace flashing around edges and check out the ventilation. Then we will add a surface layer that looks great and wears even better.

Boost Curb Appeal with Roof Replacement

Is your house the neighborhood eyesore? Have you recently made improvements but still have an ugly roofing surface? We can change that. It takes as little as one day, with asphalt shingle roof replacement, to give you an entirely fresh look to your home. That includes tearing off the old one and adding a new one.

Shingle Roof - The most popular surface material in America is versatile and very durable, Class A fire rated and watertight. From basic three tabs in a medium weight to high grade laminated architectural types, you can create subtle variations in color that looks right on almost any surface. It can be placed over almost any other surface.

Tile Roof Replacement - Natural clay and concrete are heavyweight solutions to your residential roofing dilemma. Their shapes works with gravity to keep rainwater running off your rooftop, and their color is permanent. Because they are a heavy material, they can only be placed on a home that is structurally reinforced. Call us and see if it's right for your home. If not, there are beautiful alternatives out there.

Metal - Get that laid-back Key West style or tile lookalikes with a versatile metal roof replacement. It is strong yet lightweight, so it can be installed on any home, and it will last for 50 to 100 years with a minimum of care. Choose from standing seam, R-panel or shingle styles in copper, aluminum, steel and more. We have the unique skills you need to do this kind of roof installation right.

Residential Roofing Replacement is Our Specialty

Even the most high-end materials will not last without proper installation methods. We combine the latest technology with time-honored techniques to get it right the first time. We never cut corners or try to sell you something that is not right for you. When we meet with you, we will discuss your goals, your budget and the benefits of different materials. Our roof replacement service wants you to make an educated decision, so we will give you a free estimate without obligation.

We are fully licensed by the state of Florida, insured for liability and Workers' Comp, and have a successful track record of nearly 15 years. We are also locally owned and operated, so if you ever need to reach us, we are easy to find and ready to serve you!

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement Miami

Roof Replacement Options

Can you place a new house covering over an old one? It is possible if your old surface is in excellent shape. Shingles or metal can be placed over an existing surface, preventing unnecessary landfill waste. In other cases, the subsurface must be repaired, so a tear-off will be necessary before a roof replacement contractor can get to work. We will walk your surface, give you a full report of its condition, and make a professional recommendation.

Whether you have old damage or want a new look, call now for a free estimate, friendly customer service and excellent prices on roof replacement in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all of South Florida.

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