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Leaking Roof

Leaking Roof Repair Miami

A leaking roof is always a sign of a bigger problem - but you can solve it quickly when you call us. We know residential roofing in South Florida, and can give you a fast, free estimate to repair or replace yours. It doesn't matter whether you have metal, shingle or tile. Call now for a free estimate and friendly customer service.

Act now because water is the enemy of your rooftop. If it gets under the surface materials it can be very destructive: it can rot your wooden decking and rust the nails driven into it. You could face expensive mold remediation or replacement of waterlogged insulation. And moisture can eat away at drywall and other building materials far below.

Stop a Leaking Roof Fast!

Whether your drips are caused by a sudden storm or years of neglect, call us for a free inspection and estimate. We are a residential leaking roof contractor that can pinpoint the source of the problem and solve it quickly. We are licensed and insured and all of our labor comes backed by a performance warranty, so you can rest easy.

What to Look For
Dripping ceilings during a rainstorm are the most obvious sign you need leaking roof repair. But there are others: Are there unexplained dark spots or "bubbles" on your ceiling or walls? Do you smell a moldy odor? If you go inside the attic during the day, do you see pinpoints of daylight above you? These are signs your surface needs help fast.

Asphalt shingle repair - Warped, buckled or cracked tabs can be letting water in every time it rains. Piles of granules at the ends of downspouts can mean the protective layer is no longer doing its job.

Repair leaking roof tiles - Clay tile is not water-tight. It relies on pitch, gravity and a good underlayment to protect your topside surface. If your tile roof installation is old or cracked, water could be getting in without your knowing it for a while.

Metal roof leaks - The fastenings that join panels together can move as the house moves, or with temperature changes. Over time, this wiggling can make the fastener hole too big. Panels can lift in the wind and water can get in.

Flashing - These protective bands around drip edges and at angles must be installed properly and checked every so often for fastness. They prevent rainfall from getting underneath, and are an unseen but extremely important part of any roofing installation. We will check yours as part of our leaking roof repair or replacement service.

Gutters - If yours are full and you haven't cleaned them out in a while, all that debris can be holding moisture against the edges of your rooftop. We can fix yours or replace them to keep the rain running off the surface and away from your home.

Don't Do This
What you should not do is assume the source of the leak is right above the trouble spot. Depending on the surface's type, slope and age, the problem could be at the other end of the house. If you have a flat surface over part of your home, the source can be harder to detect, as there's no gravity to leave telltale trails. Leave it to the professionals at Lyndon!

When you call us, you are relying on years of experience and a dedication to technical excellence. Your leaky roof will be thoroughly inspected and the proper action taken. We also offer strong waterproofing solutions.

The Right Solution for a Leaking Roof

Fix a Leaking Roof Miami

Do you need a simple repair or to replace a leaking roof? There is no way to tell until we walk the surface, inspect the attic and check the ground for signs of damage. In many cases, a quick fix will do; but sometimes, if you have large areas of heavy damage, you will have to keep on fixing it. Roof replacement might be a better option. In some cases, insurance can take care of it. We will put together a full inspection report for you or your insurer.

Small annoyances can turn into bigger problems pretty quickly when you are dealing with leaks. It is not a question of if, but when. You will know exactly what you're dealing with when you call us. Get a professional evaluation and a free estimate to repair or replace a leaking roof.

We can fix a residential leaking roof in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all surrounding communities.

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