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Roof Waterproofing

Hydro Stop Roof Waterproofing

Roof waterproofing is the best protection a commercial flat roof can have. The area’s wet weather cycles can affect your building long after the sun has come out. It can eat away at your building materials and cause leaks in low spots. The damage is done long before you see it. Get protected now.

Call our commercial roof waterproofing company and find out which formulas will keep your building dry from the top down. We have nearly 15 years of experience in protecting commercial roof installations from South Florida’s harsh environment: beating sun, gale force winds and driving rain.

Save Money
When you choose our commercial roof waterproofing service, you will stop leaks economically. Many businesses don’t have the money to tear off an old covering and start all over at the first sign of trouble. Now, they don’t have to. In many cases, they can extend protection for years with just one coat of spray.

Our roof waterproofing solutions offer years of protection whether your surface is cement, built up, tar and gravel, wood, metal or single-ply. If yours is reaching the end of its warranty, add a decade or more of life to it with polyurethane foam roofing or elastomeric roof coating. They can be used singly or together.

Why You Need Roof Waterproofing

Sloped roofs use gravity and design to move rain off the surface; but commercial flat surfaces hold the water in low spots. The lingering “ponds” act like a magnifying glass for strong sunlight to attack your covering. The result is premature wear, cracking and split seams that lead to leaks inside your building. It’s a common problem in Florida.

Don’t put your employees, contents and structure at risk. In just a few minutes, Lyndon Roofing can add years of protection with the most recognized products in the industry – including those endorsed by regional building codes and energy-saving agencies.

Polyurethane Foam Roof Waterproofing

A thick formula sprays on as a liquid and expands to dry foam on contact. Heavy rains bead off the thick, spongy surface. The foam easily gets into crevices and around protrusions without effort, so all surfaces enjoy equal waterproofing protection. Inside the foam are billions of tiny gas cells. These keep the substrate dry, and they add a barrier against noise and heat transfer. They can be applied to create a tilted surface that promotes drainage.

Elastomeric Coatings
Water will not have a chance to reach your building substrate when you apply stretchable thin layers on top. We are an elastomeric roof coating contractor who uses Hydro Stop products. They give with normal expansion and contraction of building materials without tearing or cracking. Water has no chance to get inside. Protrusions and edges are completely safeguarded too.

It is the only brand approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council and Class I rated by Miami Factory Mutual FM4471. It’s also Energy Star and UL approved.

Seamless Protection
When there are no seams, there are no weak spots that can come apart. Our commercial waterproofing service will cover the whole surface in one application. You can even put it over a brand new installation of modified bitumen, wood, metal, cement or single-ply. We will find the best formula for your substrate.

When You Need Repair or Replacement
When your rooftop sustains severe storm damage or is heavily worn, we are a commercial roofing contractor who can repair or replace it to the highest professional standards. We can remove rust, secure loose flashing, replace the decking and fix deep cracks.

No matter what our commercial roof company does for you, you can benefit from a final topcoat of elastomeric roof coating or polyurethane foam roofing. Think of it as extra insurance for your facility. Best of all, it saves your money, costing usually half as much as the average tear-off and replacement!

Lower Energy Bills
Miami Roof Waterproofing We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council, so saving you energy in important to us. Our roof coatings aren’t just watertight, they create a permanent sunblock. They reflect up to 90 percent of solar energy and can lower your topside temperature by 100 degrees. That helps your HVAC cool your building with less strain.

Your monthly power bills will be dramatically lowered right away. It’s simple – you don’t have to do anything else to enjoy the savings.

Get the Facts for Free
If your flat roof is in reasonably good shape, we can turn it into a barrier against heat and moisture almost instantly – and very affordably. We have been a locally owned business for nearly 15 years and are licensed and insured for your protection. Our products and our labor are both warrantied.

Call now and Let us Help
Extend the life of your commercial roof through roof waterproofing in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all surrounding areas.

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