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Roof Coatings

Hydro Stop Roof Coatings

When you apply quality commercial roof coatings to a building, you add three-in-one protection: you extend its life for years, help your building stay cooler in the summer, and create waterproofing. No matter what kind of surface you have, we have topcoats that will safeguard it. Don’t do a costly tear-off – protect the surface you have now. Call for a free estimate.

The Florida sun can quickly break down building materials, making them vulnerable to wind and rain damage. An elastomeric roof coating or polyurethane foam roofing applications reflect solar rays and will not break down in the sun. Used together or alone, they can protect the integrity of any material below: BUR, modified bitumen, TPO and cement. The original covering won’t crack or split because it will stay cooler. In fact, the topcoats lower the surface temperature instantly; that can help you save up to one-third of your annual cooling costs. Other benefits:

  • Low Cost of Installation – There are no fees for disposing of old materials and less labor costs to install it around skylights and vents.
  • Less maintenance – You will not struggle with leaks, and the underlayment below will not deteriorate as quickly.

Consider flat roof coatings if your current covering is nearing the end of its warranty, but you don’t want to make expensive repairs or replacement. The right product, properly applied, can add decades of leak-proofing. It will also resist UV rays, wind uplift, foot traffic and hail damage. It will even stand up to hurricane force winds.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings with elastic properties give maximum protection in a thin, spray-on layer. Much like a latex glove moves with your hand and protects it from water, this coating expands and contracts along with the building – but does not tear or crack. It is totally seamless when applied. Thermal shock has no effect on its strength. It will also provide UV protection like nothing else on the market. And it is so cost effective – about half of what you’d expect to pay for a tear-off and installation.

We use the Hydro Stop family of commercial roof coatings because it has a proven performance record against sun and moisture assault. Hydro Stop PremiumCoat is a Class I rated fire resistant product. It is the only low-slope surface coating that is Miami Factory Mutual FM4471 approved and Class 1 rated. This is in addition to being an approved product by the Cool Roof Rating Council, an independent, neutral organization. It is also UL Listed, an Energy Star product and Class A fire rated.

Polyurethane Foam Roof Coatings

Another type of coating is a foam that leaves a thick layer of waterproofing and sun protection. Liquid chemicals are held in separate tanks and sprayed on, reacting when they come in contact. The result is a dense matrix of UV-protectants and inert-gas cells that are excellent at preventing heat transfer. Your surface stays cooler, so your air conditioner will not have to work as hard. This saves you significantly on your energy bills and HVAC unit maintenance.

Cool Benefits
When the covering is sealed off with a reflective barrier it can reduce the temperature of the surface by as much as 100 degrees compared to standard roofing such as tar and gravel. This reflectivity of UV and solar rays, along with the surface cooling rate after sunset, are the factors used by the Cool Roof Rating Council for approval. CRRC-rated materials, such as Hydro Stop, can qualify for energy incentives.

Roof Coatings Repair

The products we use are like no other for strength and protection. In the rare event that it gets punctured by wind-driven debris, it can be fixed easily and permanently. For our elastomeric roof coating, we use a liquid bonding agent that becomes part of the original material. With polyurethane foam roofing, if it is ever punctured, it is thick enough so that your substrate won’t be affected. The damage will stay localized and is easily repaired.

Flat Roof Coatings

Our commercial flat roof solutions are like no other in terms of providing savings and weather-protection. If you have a concrete, built-up, single-ply, wood or flat metal surface, our roof coatings are the perfect way to get many years additional life and save money on energy bills. Your building – and its people and contents – will be safer from whatever the harsh Florida weather brings. Whether it is a small retail building or sprawling office space, we have the solution for you.

We offer commercial roof coatings in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the entire area.

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