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Commercial Roof

Copper Commercial Roof

Florida weather can take a toll on a commercial roof. Fight back with secure flat roof systems and protective topcoats. Both offer your business years of weatherproofing when professionally applied. They also help you save on energy and replacement costs. Call and discuss your needs today.

Do you need repairs, replacement or an affordable way to extend your surface’s life? We are a commercial roof company that does it all. We will find a solution and exceed your expectations.

Low-sloped coverings demand expert installation. We design ours to resist ponding, promote effective ventilation, and bolster areas where a flat roof leaks most often: Along edges, parapets and protrusions. We spend a lot of time preparing the surface but always do so with minimal disruption to your operations.

All Types of Commercial Roofing

When it comes to coverings, we offer you a wide selection. As a commercial roof company, we can apply single-ply surfaces like TPO, EPDM and PVC. We can also install built-up, concrete and modified bitumen. Do you want a metal roof that can stand up to building movement? Let us to create a strong, leak-free surface.

Commercial Roof Coatings

We are a commercial roof contractor that believes protective coatings make sense in so many ways. They reflect the sun’s rays so you can enjoy lower energy bills right away. And they create a seamless waterproofing system that even driving rain can’t penetrate. We use Hydro Stop products for their proven performance on both fronts. Combined with our own labor warranty, your facility is covered for years.

New or Older Buildings – Our coatings can be put over a new or aging surface safely. If your flat commercial roof is new, you will gain an extra measure of protection and energy savings from Day One. If yours is older, you can put off expensive fixes and roof replacements for years. Our polyurethane foam roofing and elastomeric roof coatings are usually about half the cost of a tear-off and replacement.

Save Time
Do you have a weakened rooftop over a mission critical area? A total replacement will create an interruption you may not be able to afford. Extending the life of the surface with resilient commercial roof coatings is one of our specialties.

Elastomeric Roof Coating
Micro-thin layers provide outsized protection from driving rain and beating sun. They have elastic qualities that stretch as your building moves with temperature changes. An elastomeric coating will not crack or tear: rain will not be able to get underneath the continuous surface no matter how much abuse it takes.

Polyurethane Foam Roofing
This goes on as a liquid and immediately expands to dense foam on contact. It creates a thick blanket of protection that contains countless bubbles of inert gas. This is very effective at stopping heat transfer and moisture penetration. It will also reflect the sun’s energy for a cooler building.

Save on Energy Bills
We offer you many choices to save money on ever-growing cooling costs. The single-ply coverings we use are designed to be sun-reflective in white or light colors. Both spray foams and elastic coatings also bounce solar rays off of your surface and can be applied to nearly any type of medium. You will save in other ways, too:

Preserve the life of your HVAC system and reduce maintenance costs.
Cut down on your use of the power grid – be known as a champion of the environment.
Reduce the heat island effect that warms and pollutes the atmosphere of urban environments.
Get waterproofing protection at the same time.

New Metal Commercial Roof

A Business that Understands Business Needs
We have been a commercial roof contractor for well over a decade. We understand you want the job done right without a loss of productivity. And we deliver every time. We are local, licensed and fully insured for your assurance. We can repair, replace or install any kind of commercial roof on your building – and keep it protected for many years.

Call now and get a free estimate on repair, installation, waterproofing and coatings for your commercial roof in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all nearby areas.

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